Caitie Thompson

 Caitie Thompson is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter.  Her love of music began in her grandpa's garage long before she could even walk. 1950's rock n roll was always blaring when Caitie and her grandpa were together. When she was eight years old, she got her first guitar and started taking lessons from a local legend named Carl Edwards. This man made the guitar come alive for Caitie. He was and always will be,  her most beloved teacher. 

For almost twenty years, Caitie has been playing guitar, and drums/percussion. She was in numerous bands and ensembles as a teenager. When Caitie wasn't directing the high school marching band (as the drum major) she was rocking it out in the local bars with her band, The Rip City Rockers. After high school Caitie pursued a degree in music business at Capital University. Ever since Capital, she has performed all over the U.S. and even in England! The last eight years have been full of amazing experiences and lots of growth in her career. 

When she isn't playing in the bars of Nashville, or even her hometown, she spends her time teaching music to young musicians. She has held private lessons in various studios all over Ohio, and she was the interim music director at Independence High School in Antioch, TN. Her love of classical music and teaching came from performing at Carnegie Hall with her high school orchestra, and also playing numerous concerts with The Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra. Once in a while, Caitie will perform with her high school orchestra or choir, and even her former Professor, Eric Paton when he needs an extra hand. 

In 2017, Caitie released her very first Solo EP, "Enough". It took a full year of hard work, and determination with the help of engineer and producer Mark Abrams, of Vaughan Music Studios. Every instrument and vocal track that can be heard, she preformed. Everything from the guitars, drums, organs and even the vocals. It was a true labor of love. Check out Caitie's music here:

Caitie has jammed and played with many well-known artists including:

* Roger Hines - former bassist for Ray Charles
* Charlie Martin - former drummer for Bob Seger and the  Silver Bullet Band
* Fingers Taylor of the Jimmy Buffet Band
* The Bob Cats (of Phil Dirt and the Dozers)
* Erica Blinn of The Erica Blinn Band and formerly of The Rip City Rockers

*Meg Williams 
*Jenny Teator
*Erin McClendon

Caities influences include:

Melissa Ethridge - Brandi Carlile - The Doors - The Doobie Brothers - The Grass Roots -  Elvis - The Judds
and many others.