About Us

The Lucky Penny Sisters are comprised of two talented biological sisters (yes, it's true, they really are sisters!) that were born and raised in Delaware, Ohio. The sisters have been singing their way through central Ohio for the last decade as Lucky Penny, but they have been performing together their whole lives.

Leslie and Caitie started their musical journey as young teenagers in an all girl group called "Grounded", with members Kaitlyn Bull and Andi Hall. The throwback 60's and 70's girl group vibe could be attributed to the mothers of the band members, who not only had phenomenal taste in music, but were passionate about seeing their daughters grow as vocalists, and instrumentalists.

Fast forward a few years, Caitie and her soon to be "sister in music" Erica Blinn, formed "The Rip City Rockers". Rip City was comprised of Mike Yokum (lead guitar), Erica Blinn (rhythm, backup vocals, and harmonica), Leslie (lead vocals, and bass), and Caitie (drums, and backup vocals). The foursome toured central Ohio bars for two and half years with their parents in tow (as none of them were over the age of 18) and became infamous as they were the youngest classic rock cover band (with a following) in the state. The group parted ways when Caitie went off to study music at Capital University, and Leslie moved to L.A. to pursue acting. Once Leslie moved back from L.A., and Caitie graduated with her bachelor's degree in music, the sisters reunited to form "The Lucky Penny Sisters".

For an entire decade the sisters have consistently played bars, writers rounds, private parties, corporate parties, flown all over the country for special events, and show no signs of slowing down. In 2015, LPS released their very first 5 song EP complete with all original material written and produced by both of the sisters. Fan favorite "Midnight Man" was written about their grandfather who passed in January of 2020, "Dancing" Jack Brown.   

Leslie Thompson is a true power house rock vocalist who doesn't really need a microphone when she gets fired up! Her uncanny ability to be a chameleon and sing through any genre, from opera to rap, with such a great deal of grace has always been a favorite quality of hers among LPS fans. As if her amazing voice wasn't enough, her hilarious wit and charm will surely entertain you throughout the entire show. It is one of Leslie's favorite pastimes to put Caitie on the spot because usually the two end up in hysterics! Leslie can be seen in her hometown of Delaware singing show tunes at fundraising events, or at her home church where she is apart of the praise band.   

Caitie Thompson is a multi-instrumentalist that brings her accomplished looping skills to every show. You may hear multiple instruments at once, but we promise, it is 100% all Caitie. She will wow you with her face melting guitar solos layered over beatboxing, and incredible loop arrangements. In 2017, Caitie released her very first EP "Enough", recorded and co-produced by Mark Abrams of Puremix.com, and Vaughan Music Studios. Shortly after the release, Caitie flew to England to perform on Chelmsford Community Radio's program "Folk Union" to discuss the release with music enthusiast, DJ Carl Spaul. In 2018, Caitie moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting. Since then she began traveling all over the country from Ohio to Tennessee, Texas, the Carolinas, and even Florida. She can be seen opening up for acts such as E.G. Kight, Meg Williams, Jenny Teator, and also playing in the "Hellcats", an all female backing band for the "Music On The Move" all female fronted showcase hosted by Erin McClendon at Nashville's renowned music venue, Marathon Music Works.

Both sisters can soothe your soul with their angelic "sibling harmonies", or light a fire in you with their passionate live performances. Perfecting covers from the classic oldies to today's Top 40, these girls know good music, and always put on their best for a crowd!